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mechapro® has been a specialist for drive solutions with small electric drives since 2001, with a focus on control systems
for stepper motors. Our engineers are available to you as independent consultants in all phases of the product life cycle, from
Development to series production, to the side.

Support from the development to the optimisation of existing products:
The control of a stepper motor is very simple at first sight. Therefore many users tend to develop the control electronics for their stepper motors themselves. Problems only arise when the system reaches its performance limits. However, experience and detailed knowledge are required to make optimum use of a stepper motor and to achieve optimum performance with the overall system.

With our many years of experience we will be pleased to support you in this respect. We look forward to your enquiry.



• Design of stepper motor drives

• Simulations of the influence of different operating parameters

• Support in the selection and procurement of motors, gears and sensors, also for customer-specific solutions

• Advice on the selection of suitable motor controllers or driver ICs

• System analysis of your existing system, development of proposals for performance increase or cost reduction



Here you will find the data sheets for our stepper motors, the operating instructions for all stepper motor drivers and controllers as well as drivers and parameterisation tools for NC-Pilot USB and the programmable stepper motor drivers from LAM.

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Image flyer mechapro (in german, date 27.11.2015)

Stepper motors - technical data, motor selection, wiring schemes (in german)

Stepper motor electronics - how to read the technical data (in german)