Drive solutions with stepper motors and controllers from mechapro®

Are you looking for a solution and not a product? You are right with us!

Talk to us about your requirements and we will find the right solution. For most applications we have suitable and inexpensive standards. For more demanding requirements we can offer you a tailor-made solution if required. No matter whether it is a single axis or an all-in-one solution, whether a simple output stage with clock/direction control or an intelligent control with extensive I/Os (analogue and digital) and corresponding programming options – we have the right components!

Automation solutions for special machine construction and laboratory automationStepper motor drivers with pulse/direction input, programmable constant speed or freely programmable stepper motor controllers with industrial-grade wide-range I/O. Whether stand-alone or with PC connection (e.g. via USB).
computer based low-cost CNC-ControlsCNC software for Windows and matching multi-axis stepper motor drivers with various additional functions for use on desktop CNC milling machines. All-in-one for small and medium-sized machines, for larger systems combinations of single-axis controllers and interface boards (breakout boards).
Customer specific solutions based on our standard productsA selection of customer-specific solutions: From a rotary drive, controlled via a flash presentation on a panel PC, for an exhibition fair, to the control of a photo turntable incl. camera control for 3D product photography, to the complete 5+1 axis control incl. PC software for a drilling machine. Let us inspire you!