New: Closed loop stepper motor drivers from LAM


With the new DDS1 series, our partner LAM Technologies introduced a new series of digital stepper motor drives. As known from the DS10 series, the modules are available in different sizes covering several ranges of input supply voltage and motor output current, allowing to select the right part for each application. Interesting features have been added in addition to the digital current control. A +/-10V analogue input can be used to set the speed target value, or up to four different predefined target values can be selected by using two digital inputs. When operated with pulse and direction signals, an internal clock multiplier can be used to reduce the need for high clock rates to be generated by the master controller at fine micro step settings. The models DDS12xx additionally offer more I/Os as well as an encoder interface which enables a closed loop control. Electrical power losses in the motor are reduced to a minimum in this mode of operation. Additionally, apart from position control and speed control modes, a torque control mode is available.

Now available from stock: DDS1274 with Encoder input, matching motor M1270E106M12 with encoder and M12 connectors. The datasheet on the DDS1 series is available for download here.