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3 channel stepper motor board '3D-stepdriver'


  • 3 channels (expandable to 4)
  • Easy adjustable phase current up to 2,1A per phase (via trimmer)
  • Up to 45V supply voltage
  • TTL compatible in- and outputs
  • connectable to PC printer port or microcontroller
  • compatible to common CNC software (PCNC, CNC-profi, DIN-CNC, Mach2, EMC etc.)
  • Half- and fullstep mode
  • Two different current regulation modes
  • Onboard logic for 4 reference/limit-switches and one emergency switch
  • Connector for staus LEDs or 4th axis extension
  • Adjustable chopper frequency
  • 'Smoothing' function for more torque in halfstep mode
  • Typical current consumption 250mA (5V part)
  • Suitable for both bi- and unipolar stepper motors with minimum 1,6 ohms coil resistance
  • Eurosize board (160*100mm)

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