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mechapro joins the FED

mechapro® has joined the professional association for design, printed circuit boards and electronic manufacturing in Germany, (FED). By networking in the association we will continually improve our technical knowledge and skills. In the end, this know-how is you profit!

Welcome to mechapro

mechapro® is your specialist for drive solutions with electric drives since 2001, focusing on stepper motor drivers. They are used for handling systems (e.g. medical applications), desktop CNC machines (used for prototyping, engraving, hobby- and model building) and special purpose machines, but also for robotics and automation.

We move your ideas!

mechapro® offers solutions with a good price/performance ratio around stepper motors. 90% of our customers’ tasks can be solved using our standard range of products. If these products are not the optimal solution, we are able to offer a customised alternative even for low or mid-sized quantities. These include as many elements from our product range as possible. If necessary, we are able to develop completely new solutions for you. Our experience with our standard products provides us with an ideal basis for such tasks. Thus, we can always offer an effective solution that fits all your requirements.

Whatever you need, we will realise it: From single power drivers to complete motion control solutions. In the process we take your specifications into account, e.g. power data, dimensions, mounting, cooling, connectors and interfaces (e.g. step/dir, USB, CAN, LIN).

Let us advise you on how to move your idea!

You can find all manuals on the download page. The data sheets for the stepper motors are on this site, too. Information about availability and prices are quoted on the shop page. You can directly place your order there if you like.