Interface boards for the PC printer port

Interface boards for quick and easy connection of multiple single axis stepper drivers to a PC printer port. Can be combined with our HS optocoupler board. The following table gives you a brief overview about the different features.


Feature Interface-II Universal interface Univ. interface II
Connects up to 4 independend axes
Amplification of all I/O signals
Suitable for drivers with optocoupler inputs
2 relays for switch functions (e.g. main spindle, cooling), each up to 8A
analog output (0-10V/0-5V) to control main spindle speed with PWM input
Charge-Pump safty signal, enabling relays and power drivers only when the software is started
onboard switching regulators for 5V and 12V for logic and relay supply •/• •/• •/•
Compatible to PCNC, WinPCNC, Mach3 and all other popular Soft-CNC with pulse and direction outputs
Supply range 15-45V=
mounting option: DIN-Rail -
I/O signals on 10 pin ribbon connector / all signals available on scewed cage clamps •/- •/• •/•
Output stage push-pull open collector open drain
Outputs and inputs with variable I/O voltage (5V/12V/24V) -
Inputs compatible with mechanical switches / proximity switches •/- •/NPN only •/•
Available as
kit / tested unit
-/• •/- -/•

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