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1-channel microstep board 'HP-Step'


  • 1 stepper motor channel
  • Connect up to 4 boards connect to PC printer port (with optional interface board or adaptor cable)
  • Easy adjustable motor current 1A up to 4A each phase (via trimmer)
  • 15-45 Volt motor power supply
  • TTL-compatible in- and outputs (5Volt)
  • connectable to PC-printerport or Microcontroller
  • compatible to common CNC software (PCNC, CNC-profi, DIN-CNC, Mach2, EMC etc.)
  • 1/8-, 1/4-, half- and fullstep
  • max. input frequency 30 kHz, dynamic reduction of step width (at 8.5 and 19 kHz)
  • Adjustable chopper frequency
  • "Softstart-Function" saves power bridges and power supply
  • Typical current consumption 75mA (5V part)
  • Suitable for both bi- and unipolar stepper motors with minimum 0,8 ohms coil resistance
  • outputs short protected (self resetting)
  • Size: 100x100mm

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